Distribute Information To Your Team

FieldCast’s distribution features increases productivity through personalization and numerous format choices. Users can select the type of information they want to receive based on their job, division, region, or product line. Information can be received in text or audio format, both at their computer and while they’re away from their desk.

    • Easy to Adopt: FieldCast’s easy-to-learn, intuitive web and Windows interfaces builds on your company’s existing infrastructure. Your sales team won’t be surprised or intimidated, which leads to earlier adoption and faster productivity.


    • Productive Anywhere: Sales professionals are always on the move, so FieldCast supports a full range of access points (Web, e-mail, cell, CD Player, PDA) that allows everyone to submit and receive information – no matter where they are (on the road, in the office, at home) or how they prefer to communicate.


  • Lower Your Costs: You already use several diverse communications channels — mass voicemails, regularly distributed CDs or tapes, e-mail blasts, white papers, and more. With FieldCast, you can eliminate some or all of these traditional communications channels with a better channel that’s personalized and fun!