How Can You Use FieldCast?

Consider how FieldCast solves these real challenges with real solutions.

Scenario 1: A teleconference is held with your sales team to discuss a critical issue. A FieldCast toll-free number is called and the teleconference is underway. Once the conference is complete, the audio is routed immediately to FieldCast and automatically distributed so everyone who missed the teleconference receives it and is on the same page.

Scenario 2: You have sent key strategic information via e-mail, but do you know if your team read it? Or understood it? The FieldCast solution offers you powerful tracking and assessing abilities. You can track whether your information was accessed and can even create a custom assessment to verify your team’s retention and understanding.

Scenario 3: Company changes are on their way and you want to inform your department. What do you do? Voicemail and e-mail are fine, but how will you know that everyone listened and understood? What about the new sales guy who starts tomorrow? FieldCast captures your information and distributes it to those who need to know and keep the information for as long as you want to provide an historical account.