Track Your Team’s Progress

With FieldCast, you can distribute personalized content to the division, department, or the sales professional and then tracks the user’s access to verify that the information is reaching its intended audience. Through FieldCast, your team receives what they need to know to sell more – and nothing else.

    • The Power of Focus: Every day your sales team wades through mixed messages sent via email, voicemail, meetings and more. Distribute only what they need to keep them focused and involved. With FieldCast, multiple levels of personalization allow the ultimate in flexible information distribution.


  • The Power of Knowing: How can you be sure that your team listened to your voicemail or accessed the important product announcement in the e-mail? Most of the critical content from meetings, voicemail, teleconferences or e-mail vanishes… as does its impact. With FieldCast, you can track content accessed, generate key reports, and even integrate with your LMS.